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About the transition to a new stage and the launch of the cosmetics line


Cronos Diet has become Kiros Diet – “Ethical knowledge”! This change represents a new stage in our evolution, building on the two pillars that have consecrated us: ethics and knowledge. The rebranding was a natural step, taken at a favorable moment to our project. So, feeling the progress we have made, we decided it was time to move to a new stage of all that CRONOS DIET meant, by continuing the evolution, starting from the results we had over time and keeping the patient as our top priority.


The slogan “Ethical knowledge” was chosen to emphasize, first of all, the fact that, in our company, everything is based on scientific research for over 25 years, with safe and effective results in terms of the mechanism of the diet. Thus, we created and developed a diet designed to treat people, not only to help them lose extra weight, but to reduce inflammation in the body and improve the metabolic state, bringing real benefits in multiple metabolic and inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis, fibromyalgia and even in the field of oncology.

Of course, the slogan also highlights the fact that professional ethics is one of the values ​​we promote and fully respect. At Kiros Diet, the patient is at the center of the whole project, representing the mission of our activity. Everything is treated with seriousness and involvement, from the first consultation, throughout the patient’s journey, to the final result and even beyond it. Our slogan “Ethical knowledge” thus encompasses knowledge, scientific research, professionalism, seriousness, as well as the fact that we fulfill our mission responsibly, accurately and at the highest quality level.


May month of this year meant a new beginning for us. In addition to the rebranding process in which we became Kiros Diet, we also moved to a new home, on Argentina Street, number 33, in Bucharest.

In addition, we have launched the Kiros Diet line of cosmetics, specially developed for patients who follow diets, but which are also found in those physiological or pathological situations that cause skin aging, reduction of subcutaneous tone, tendency to wrinkles or stretch marks or hair fragility, such as stress, menopause, andropause, pregnancy, smoking, alcohol consumption or exposure to UV rays, chronic and inflammatory diseases.

We marked these unique moments, together with friends and partners, with an extremely emotional event for us. All these were possible thanks to all those who trusted us and managed to change their lives with the Oloproteic diet therapy developed by Professor Castaldo.

The Kiros Diet range of cosmetics respects, nourishes, and balances the hydrolipidic film of the skin, through the unique formulas, rich in nutrients, which complement the restrictive diets, bringing the patient extra comfort during these diets.


The Oloproteic Diet is a medical ketogenic diet with excellent therapeutic effects, created by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Castaldo, which emerged after over 25 years of clinical studies, research and experience.

It is mainly based on the consumption of individually calculated proteins to protect muscle mass, due to the specific amino acids and hydrolyzed collagen present in supplements created specifically for this diet.

However, moderate amounts of healthy fats are also included to help the body function properly. Since it does not contain any sugar, the body no longer uses glucose for energy, but fat from its own reserves.

For this reason, the Oloproteic diet is called “food liposuction” and manages to eliminate adiposity located in the most difficult areas, such as the thighs or abdomen.

The supplements line was created with natural ingredients by Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Castaldo and Prof. Luca Rastrelli, in order to increase the effectiveness and clinical safety of the Oloproteic diet, ensuring tissue and intestinal phytotherapeutic drainage, perfect integration of minerals and vitamins, alkalizing the body, protecting the intestinal bacterial flora, modulating cortisol, and helping in stress managing, as well as improving energy and sleep quality. Our supplements make dietary protocols effective with long-term results, improving the quality of life of our patients.

We invite you to continue staying with us moving forward and to follow us on our YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, channels, where we constantly share the news.